Data Backup and Recovery

When disaster strikes, we’re there to get you back up and running – fast

70% of businesses that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in 2 years. Don’t be a statistic. Be one of the successes by protecting your data instead.

In today’s highly computerized data-driven world, it takes more than tapes and external hard drives to keep your data safe and easily retrievable. The protection and security of your data requires a comprehensive solution that includes both onsite backup for rapid recovery and offsite backup for true disaster recovery.

Our data backup and recovery solution is a complete insurance policy for your data, ensuring that – in the event of a disaster – your data remains safe and accessible.

ITRegulators, Inc provides a simple, comprehensive backup and recovery solution. All mission critical data stored on the local device is replicated up to six (6) times a day to secure offsite data centers. This combination merges the convenience of onsite backup with the added protection of offsite backup, allowing you to maintain complete data integrity, regardless of any failure or catastrophe. Our certified technicians continuously monitor the status and security of every device, making sure your data is safe, secure and recoverable at all times.

If you’re not protecting your data, you’re leaving everything to risk. Get protection now!