Ensure prompt and effective data backup and recovery, enjoy more physical space, and save on IT expenses

Virtualization creates a virtual copy of your entire technology infrastructure including your hardware, software, operation systems, and data, reduces your costs, and simplifies your IT infrastructure. And while that might sound like an enterprise-level solution, a growing number of SMBs are tapping into the rich benefits that virtualization has to offer.

With ITRegulators’ Virtualization service, our technicians will ensure a secure and smooth replication of your systems on different virtual storages. You can say goodbye to the “one server, one app” system and utilize the resources of one computer in different environments. And should a disaster strike, rest assured that you can always access your virtual copy anytime, anywhere, from any compatible internet browser.

With ITRegulators’ Virtualization, you’ll also:

  • Enjoy more physical space – since you no longer need to deploy servers on-site
  • Save on IT and energy costs – as virtual storages require no upfront fee and minimum maintenance
  • Benefit from increased productivity – more efficient storage systems mean apps and other resources load and perform faster
  • Ensure less downtime and faster recovery – automated backup enables prompt and effective recovery when the unexpected happens

Let ITRegulators help you leverage the full benefits of technology with Virtualization service.