Social Media Management

Harness the power of social media and blogging

Millions of conversations are taking place on various social media platforms right now. Whether you’re using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin or any other site, engaging with your potential customers is more crucial than ever before.

Whether your customers live on your block or are on the other side of the world, ITRegulators helps close the gap by assessing your company’s needs then creating social media streams on popular social networking sites and in online communities.

Show your customers you’re listening to them with a customized plan that will utilize only the social media sites that are most effective and relevant to your business. We assess your needs and outline opportunities that can guide you toward long term social media success, as well as identifying the new networks you should be participating in.

Using social media isn’t just about talking, it’s about getting to know the needs of your customers so you can streamline and market your business in ways you’ve never even thought about!

Blog Management

Content is the lifeblood that will keep your organization’s website and social media networks running. Did you know that by adding a new blog post to your website every day, you’re significantly increasing the chances of your company being found in Google?

Adding a blog to your website or hosting your website on a blog-based platform such as WordPress or Blogger can be extremely beneficial too. The content you post on your website is vital but the actual blog setup is just as crucial to the success of your website: poor layout can lead to confusion and can ultimately cause site visitors to look elsewhere for their needs.

ITRegulators will find the right blogging platform for your business, optimize your blog for success from the get go, and show you how to follow the trends in the world of SEO to make your site more accessible to search engines and potential consumers alike. We’ll also write your blog posts for you!

Your customers are drawn to information and to keep them engaged you need to be constantly adding new content. An outdated blog not only looks like you don’t care about your business but may be losing you sales.

Content really is king – let us show you how it can drive traffic to your website.