Web Filtering Solution

Our Browser Control solution is an easy to use internet management program that restricts inappropriate surfing and enforces internet usage policies across your enterprise. There are multiple methods of internet restriction available to users of Browser Control. Browser Control has the capability to;

  • Completely block the internet while allowing select websites to be visited
  • Allow access to the internet while blocking certain sites
  • Set schedules for different URLs to be enabled/disabled at certain times
  • Set different rules and permissions for different users

All of this can be conveniently controlled from a central console. The internet, as with all great things, brings a range of problems along with the benefits. Problems like unproductive or personal browsing by employees or students, downloading malicious software, and bandwidth hogging are just a few of the endless challenges. With our Browser Control solution you can greatly reduce or eliminate these challenges, allowing your employees to use the internet to its full potential.

In addition to restricting internet activity, Our Browser Control solution includes an application blocker, which can block applications from running. With our Browser Control solution you can restrict users from running unauthorized programs such as games, chat programs, music/video players etc.

Our Browser Control solution is remarkably easy to install and configure, making it a simple solution to a serious problem.

The Web Monitoring Solution

Our Browser Reporter solution is a powerful web-monitoring tool that allows you to monitor the browsing activity of your employees or students. It is a non-intrusive tool; running in stealth mode, without the users knowing that their systems are being monitored. Our Browser Reporter solution captures the URLs of every visited web site. It includes a powerful reporting utility for generating tabular and graphical reports. URLS deemed to be a threat to the organization can readily be identified from the reports. In addition, unproductive employee spending too much company time browsing the net can readily be isolated.

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