IT Assessments & Audits

Want to know just how effective, secure and future-proof your existing IT infrastructure really is?

A comprehensive IT Assessment from ITRegulators will:

  • Address concerns related to the reliability of aging infrastructure
  • Provide guidance on how to handle future growth and capacity issues
  • Outline a plan to prioritize investments.

The experts at ITRegulators will analyze the current state of your technology and prepare your organization for future needs. This is the first step towards ensuring that your IT infrastructure is properly designed to support your evolving business needs.

Our 3-step IT Assessment involves:

  1. By leveraging our expertise with industry best practices we conduct a thorough assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and evaluate the current state of your technology, including hardware, line-of-business applications, and software vendors. We pinpoint gaps and weaknesses and provide recommendations for infrastructure improvement.
  2. Our IT Assessment starts with a complete Systems Health Check designed to uncover existing and potential performance issues. Staff skills or certifications, insufficient use of resources, and basic Information Technology security issues are addressed.
  3. The next step is an in-depth Network Security Assessment, which includes penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. At this stage in the IT Assessment, our consultants thoroughly analyze your applications in order to isolate and prioritize any weaknesses or threats. We identify potential risks to your business, and develop a plan of action to protect your IT infrastructure.

ITRegulators can then provide further IT consulting or IT support to assist in the implementation of any recommended strategic Information Technology solutions.

At the conclusion of your IT Assessment you will receive:

  • A detailed report outlining the day-to-day activities of the IT department
  • A network architecture diagram, illustrating the current IT environment, areas of vulnerability, and desktop computer profiles
  • Recommendations on staffing plans
  • A list of risks, concerns, and action items