Active Directory

Improve your access, security, and compliance management

Active Directory is a Microsoft technology that helps businesses manage the access and security of their networked resources. While full of cutting-edge features and benefits, the Active Directory environment also requires regular professional maintenance to keep it error-free, up to date, and efficient — something ITRegulators can help with.

Whether you need to ensure the basic capabilities of your Active Directory service or want to fully harness its power, our technicians have got you covered. We’ll assess your Active Directory environment and provide actionable, prioritized recommendations that will help set up the procedures and functionality you need. Our flexible staff augmentation service will also ensure your environment is always in peak condition.

Our Active Directory service includes:

  • Domain migrations
  • Customized group policies
  • Customized scripts
  • Integrating endpoints, such as firewalls or switches into Active Directory
  • Desktop security
  • Internet Explorer management

Managing access and staying compliant with industry regulations has never been easier with ITRegulators’ Active Directory service